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Spirit Attachments

What Are Spirit Attachments?

Spirit attachments are energies or entities that attach to you and your energy system. They range from barely noticeable to annoying to oppressive to possessive. Some attachments may seem well-meaning, but some may be purposely malevolent. They may cause confusion, physical discomfort, personality changes, fear, anxiety, feelings of oppression, self sabotaging behaviors among a variety of other negative experiences. Below are a few types of attachments.

Types of Attachments

Deceased Humans

The most common type of attachment is deceased humans. The attached entity may be known to the client, such as a friend or family member, or unknown to the client. It may be that the entity does not know they've died and have attached out of confusion or the entity may be searching for something that it and the client have in common, such as an addiction or a specific temperament. Sometimes a loved one may attach because they feel you can't manage without them--which often causes drama, of course. 

Some humans die with unfinished business and can't let go. Some die angry, sad, or bitter, and simply refuse to leave this plane of existence and end up taking it out on a living person who can feed their emotions or who lives a life that reinforces their emotions. And some just never left and are lonesome or come across a living person they think they can help in some way. 

Dark Entities

Dark entities, also called "demons" or "dark ones", are spiritual energies that never incarnated as human. They range from irritatingly mischievous to malevolent. They usually take great enjoyment in causing fear, chaos, pain and panic. On the darkest end of the spectrum they may possess a person and convince them to sabotage their relationships, work life, purposely encourage violence or a serious addiction and/or push the host to harm themselves or others. Dark ones are the ultimate gas-lighters.

Archetypal Entities

Archetypes, or original, primal patterns that resonate with humans across time and culture, are energies that have been created by the power that humans have given them. Our understanding of these symbols from the collective unconscious drive the energies to present themselves to us as those symbols. 

(It is possible to work safely with archetypal energies for deeper self exploration, gaining wisdom, and connection without creating attachments. If you are interested, please visit my sister site:

Elemental Entities

Non human nature entities that often feel intense to the person they've attached to. Not always intentionally dark, their intensity often feels that way. They can feel predatory.

Curses & Other Spiritual Attack

Intentional curses and spiritual attacks aren't as common as people think (depending on your spiritual practices and who you surround yourself with, of course...), but they do happen. These types of energies are generally sent by other people for reasons that can include competition, resentment, jealousy, revenge, hatred or a variety of other unenjoyable human emotions.

Unhealthy Attachment Cords, Thought Forms & Fear Born Protective Energy

Sometimes we can give so much energy to an idea, emotion or thought that we can project that into energetic existence. This can show up in the guise of cords connecting people, an energetic entity based on an intense emotion that grows outside of us, as well as parts inside of us that we build to protect ourselves from emotional, energetic, traumatic pain, but takes on a life of its own.

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