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About Wendy Adair

After completing a degree in Psychology, I graduated from HCH Institute, a California state accredited post-secondary vocational school that provides in-depth training in transpersonal hypnotherapy (dealing with states of consciousness beyond personal identity) and energy healing practices. 


I also completed a clinical internship in HCH's Community Clinic, where I honed my skills working with clients, so that I would be ready to provide you with the support you need.


While practicing the Spirit Releasement Techniques taught to me 14 years ago, I found that I am a psychopomp--"the spiritual guide of a person's soul."  Often, that guidance leads people into their own darkness and back out again, a stronger, wiser, more successful person. Equally often, it means that I help others navigate through places and experience with the unseen.

It's important to me to help others trade their fear of darkness for cautious curiosity. Much of what we meet in the dark wants the same things we do: understanding and compassion.

I've always known there is more to life than what we can see. Exploring what's behind the veil on my own and with clients has brought about profound experiences of an intensely rich world beyond imagining. Come explore it with me. 

Have Questions? I'd love to answer them!
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