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Spiritual Healing 

Becoming Your Own Superhero

Spiritual Healing

Spirituality is usually thought of as intangible and difficult to wrap your head around, but in reality everything in existence is spiritual. There are two main sides: A practical side, such as picking up the dry cleaning and paying bills and a less tangible side to spirituality, like connecting with nature and conversing with your creative source.


The magic and miracles in life come from the integration of these two sides.


But you can't mesh them successfully without both sides being healthy. The magic will inevitably appear when you:


  • Resolve your feelings of being broken, fractured, split, beaten down, oppressed and held hostage by something inside or outside of yourself

  • Resolve fears, phobias, self limiting and/or sabotaging beliefs and behaviors

  • Set boundaries limiting how much others can take from you emotionally and energetically

  • Reconnect with your sense of purpose, belonging to the world, and internal power that basically makes you your own super hero

  • Develop a symbiotic relationship with your creative source: the Universe, God, Goddess, the laws of physics, etc. (insert your belief system here)

  • Resolve feelings of victimization

  • Deepen your understanding of Spirit, facilitating detached compassion (compassion with healthy boundaries) for others, the world, and especially, for yourself

  • Resolve personal, societal and/or familial issues created in childhood, or before

  • Learn to partner with your creative source to manifest a life you love living

  • Cut the invisible ties to past relationships that won't quite let go of you--or you of them

  • Meet spiritual beings who love and want to help you, i.e., spirit guides, ancestors, spirit animals, angels...

  • Learn to make every breath of every day spiritual without compromising who you are now




Spiritual Healing sessions can be done individually or as a group of sessions booked at one time. 

Individual Spiritual Healing sessions: $150


Three Spiritual Healing sessions booked at once  $400 ($50 savings)

Imagine, right now, how amazing your life could be--if you're ready to do what it takes.

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