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Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery Success

Give yourself the gift of preparing for long term success


Doctors are very good at telling you how to manage your body physiologically. What they don't deliver is understanding that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a great deal of power over how our body. Successful weight loss after surgery and subsequent maintenance requires hard work and commitment to changing your entire way of life. Your relationships with family, friends and coworkers will change. Your relationship food, exercise and your body will change. Some of these changes will flow naturally, but many will require recognizing old patterns of thought, beliefs and behaviors and changing or releasing them before long term success can be maintained.

For more information regarding the following, please see my other website:

  • Release old familial/social learning, i.e., "Clean your plate. There are children starving around the world..."

  • Learn to see your body realistically and with appreciation, rather than judgment and loathing

  • Change eating patterns

  • Embrace moving your body

  • Get to know the new you

  • Prepare yourself, body, mind, and soul for successful surgery and healing

For this program, I'm teaming with bariatric surgery success coach, author, and professionally trained, certified chef, Tracy Ellison, to help you achieve the best possible success. See our joint website at:

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