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Specialty Programs & Intensives

Unleashing Your Art

Live a life where the magic of creation flows through you, weaving new worlds in word, sound, texture and color.

If your passion lies within the arts, but you haven't experienced the level of artistic or financial success you'd hoped for, this program can change that by:

  • Smashing through creative blocks (writer's block, painter's block, etc)

  • Increasing confidence in

    • your artistic abilities​

    • showing/pitching/selling your work

    • pricing and negotiating pay for your work that reflects its worth  

  • Decreasing fear that

    • you're unworthy of being called an artist​

    • your work isn't valuable

    • you'll be seen as a hack, fool, a joke

    • you/your art will be rejected

    • you'll starve

  • Letting go of old myths

    • you have to suffer to be successful​

    • you can only be successful after you die

    • if you make money with your art, you're a sell-out

    • all artists are misanthropic addicts

  • Meeting your subject matter

    • Feel​ every aspect of the world you're creating by living in it and interacting with it

    • Let your characters tell you their story

    • Let the paint or the stone show you reveal your subject

  • Developing flow

  • Quieting the inner critic

  • Let the masters teach you

*This program consists of various tools and techniques that we will use together to achieve your artistic goals. Each person has a unique set of concerns and desired outcomes. Therefore, a consultation appointment is necessary to create a personalized program that fits your needs. 

Mastering Your Art Program Consultation Appointment fee: $65

Are you ready to stand here  on the world's stage, 

CONFIDENT in YOUR ability to perform, to create, to bring others into your vision?


If not, let's get to work.


Already Found Success in Your Art? 

Excellent! Let's keep it going!


If you have a part that requires you to:

  • Work long hours and you're exausted

  • Develop deeper rapport with your director, castmates, and/or crew for a smooth, enjoyable experience

  • Work with a script/character that causes trauma or reawakens trauma to the point of inability to work

  • Work though you have a phobia--i.e., a part that requires rats, spiders, or snakes to be on or around you, claustrophobic or heights on set

  • Create a cohesive, motivating vision among cast, crew and creatives

Continuing Your Artistic Success Sessions: $125/session



So... what if a character won't leave after production stops or the book is finished?

After all the care you've taken to breathe life and energy into your creation, you may find your personality unduly influenced by a character or a world that won't let you go. When you feel possessed by your creations, it's time to get help before relationships are ruined and jobs are lost, or worse.  Yes, this is a real thing. Yes, this happens. A lot.

Character Exorcism Sessions: $125/session

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