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Specialty Programs & Intensives

Beginning Intuitive Development

You Already Have Intuitive Capabilities

Like the ability to pick up a paintbrush and paint, we all have some level of intuitive ability. Tapping into this part of yourself can make life simpler for yourself--find your car keys, make quicker decisions, read people's intentions more accurately. Or, you can dive deeper--communicate with spiritual beings, using divination tools, healing...Whether you want to do this for yourself and friends and family, or would eventually like to use your abilities as a source of income, this program is an excellent place to start.

  • Grounding & Boundary Setting: Their importance and how to practice them

  • Recognize & grow your natural intuitive gifts 

  • Spiritual Ethics: Understand when and how to use your ability appropriately

  • Spirit Guides & other benevolent spiritual beings: Meet them and learn to work with them. 

  • Mediumship: Learn the different approaches and begin experiencing communication

  • Divination Tools: Understanding them and picking the right ones for you

This is a six-week Skype course with homework between classes designed to help you recognize your intuitive talents, increase them, and learn to use them safely and ethically.


Beginning Intuitive Development  $ 595

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