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Spiritual Healing

Fractured, Broken, and Missing Pieces of You

Traumas that fracture, break, or steal pieces of you can range from small slights that feel huge, to horrible actions you've suffered that take away your sense of safety in this world.


  • Accident

  • Abuse

  • Surgery or other serious medical emergency

  • Assault

  • Fights between parents when you were a child

  • Words that felt harsh from parents or other adults/authority figures

  • Death of a loved one

  • Natural disaster

  • Emotionally, physically, or spiritually wounding loved ones

  • Being fired 

If you've ever felt shaken to your foundation and haven't felt quite the same since, you may be experiencing soul loss. Soul loss means that parts of you are splintered, hiding, or have been taken from you. This often happens as a means to protect you from further pain, but sometimes we stay fractured long after healing could have taken place.

Let's get those pieces back in place and whole again. 

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