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Cleaning House

The House as Metaphor for the Self

You know that feeling when the house is clean and you take a deep breath and sit down with a nice beverage and sense of accomplishment and feel like a weight has been lifted? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to feel that way on the inside? No dust monsters lurking from dark corners to remind us of past pains, the curtains pulled back, so we can feel the light shining inside us... This is the inner-self version of spring cleaning.

The house is a metaphor for the self with multiple levels representing different parts of you. With this program you get to decide what to do with the house of your childhood. Give it a new coat of paint and enjoy it anew, or demolish it and build yourself a palace.

In this 3-session program, you will:

  • Investigate your house of origin

  • Clear away the cobwebs and clutter of old unwanted thought patterns and beliefs

  • Find hidden gifts in your house that empower you

  • Set up your future by rewriting your history and the effects of past tragedies and traumas by demolishing and rebuilding

  • Discover where you're putting your energy and determine if that needs to change

  • Open yourself up and let in light, allowing happiness and new opportunities to fill you and your space

  • Decorate your new house in a way that celebrates who you are

  • Create beautiful boundaries around your home, allowing in only those you choose

  • Learn to live at peace in your new sanctuary that has the strength and foundation to weather any storm

Cleaning House Intensive   $375

You before a session

You after a session!

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