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Specialty Programs & Intensives

Becoming Your Own Superhero

When you've healed the old wounds, addressed the issues and cleared out all the cobwebs, you're ready to begin building a new life based on a partnership with creative energy. 

  • Learn to manifest what you want for your life

  • Deepen your intuition

  • Connect with nature, others, and the world around you on a deeper level,

       allowing you to become a powerful force for peace, compassion and healing 

       just by being present with others.

  • Develop the ability to gracefully handle the pain and tragedy that happens in the

       course of life

  • Develop a bigger picture of the world that opens up your ability to see through

       others' agendas so that you can make powerful choices for yourself and your

       life's work

  • Move into your life's work, if you're not already there. If you are, deepen its

       meaning and be heard

  • Move through elegantly through fears that pop up unexpectedly

This is an ongoing program consisting of 

Image of a man becoming a superhero
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