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Specialty Programs & Intensives

Archetypes: God/Goddess of the Month

Zeus, ancient Greek sky god

Unleash your own power by walking with the gods of antiquity.

While the individual gods of the ancient world may not have existed, per se,  our modern perceptions and fascination with the subjects of our ancestors' beliefs continue to add to the energy that keeps them alive in our hearts, minds, literature, movies, architecture, business, and other components of modern society. 

We continue to call upon them for a reason: These archetypes possess power we can harness.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn that you already possess traits of many of these deities

  • Develop partnerships with these traits

  • Find your way to wholeness by integrating the different gods and goddesses in you

  • Learn to use these traits to your benefit

  • Begin to recognize when you are acting from the shadow side (a less conscious part of the self that quietly drives thoughts, emotions, and behaviors), rather from your most powerful self

  • Understand which archetypes other people are acting from and how to interact with them successfully

  • Learn to use ritual to set powerful intentions for what you want in your life.

  • Connect with Divine energy

  • Remember that you were meant to be Divine

Recognize these titans of industry whose names are from ancient Greek myth?

If they can harness the power of the gods for their success, so can you!

How it works: 


This six month program begins twice a year. In it you will:

  • Meet the god and goddess of the month in a virtual classroom

  • Discover the traits they possess

  • Access their particular energy through altered states of consciousness

  • Look at how their traits may be at play in your life

  • Find out how to use their traits to your benefit

  • Look at how they are represented by the modern world

  • Learn how to create rituals that deepen your connection with the divine

  • Discover how to recognize these patterns in others for communication and interpersonal development 

  • Participate in one private coaching/ hypnotherapy session to determine your dominant god and/or goddess

  • Inclusion in a private Facebook group dedicated to members of this program 

  • How to integrate each month's knowledge, building an whole vision of yourself and your Divine power

Full Gods & Goddesses Program: $825

Your Personal Gods & Goddesses Intensive

Not sure you're ready to commit to six months? Take the Your Personal Gods & Goddesses Intensive instead. 


Three private sessions, once a week, serve to uncover your dominate archetypes. 

  • Week one: Discover and interact with your dominating light god or goddess 

  • Week two: Discover the lessons from your dominating shadow god or goddess

  • Week three: Integration from the two previous sessions

Your Personal Gods & Goddesses Intensive: $375

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