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Clearing the Murky Waters of Life, Death & Spirit

You're Not Crazy.           

You're not feeling yourself. Your moods are swinging and you're behaving uncharacteristically. You're missing important appointments. You're exhausted and emotional for no

apparent reason. Your thoughts don't feel like your

own. Your head or body feel crowded and you can't

shake the feeling that something is wrong, but you can't

put your finger on it. You feel physical or emotional pain, but

your doctor says you're fine. You are suffering. Your relationships are suffering, your work is suffering.

You are not crazy. 

You're a rational, normal person having an unusual experience.


Are You Experiencing the Following for No Discernable Reason?
  • Fatigue

  • Mood and/or behavior changes

  • Physical/emotional pain 

  • Depression, anxiety, or anger 

  • Insomnia

  • Uncharacteristically compulsive behavior

  • Increase or change in addictions and/or cravings

  • Changes in thought patterns about yourself or others

  • Impulsive behavior 

  • Statements like, "Why did I say/do that?” or “That’s not like me."

  • Sudden fears, phobias

  • Unconsciously using "we" when talking about yourself

  • Debilitating nightmares 

  • Hearing disembodied voices, but aren't schizophrenic

  • Violent thoughts 

Have you...
Been through trauma such as an accident, assault or abuse?
Have you been hospitalized, had surgery or under anesthesia?
Been through depression, loss, and/or grief?
Been in haunted locations or interacted with the paranormal?
Used hallucinogens or gone through addiction?
Had out of body or near death experiences?
Gone through ancestral/generational trauma?
Spent an extended period of time in rage, jealousy, loneliness?
Been incarcerated?
Gone through a break up and one of you couldn't let go?
Tapped into a character or role so deeply it won't leave you?

Any kind of shock to your system or extensive period in oppressive emotional states or environments can open you up to energy that isn't yours.

Spirit Attachment. Yes, it is Real.
And it happens far more often than you think. It happens to normal, rational people with their feet firmly planted on the ground--just like you.

The modern world is slowly starting to realize that we have ignored the spiritual world for too long. The spiritual, energetic world is vast and filled with incorporeal beings who are sad, lonely, angry, confused, miss their addictions, fearful of judgment and hungry for power. Some are quiet, some are malicious and will take advantage of our vulnerabilities, feeding on our fear like candy.

But there are more appropriate places for them than siphoning your energy and bullying you. We can work together to safely and 
compassionately confront them and find them a better place--freeing you.

And There is Real Help
What you'll find here is help. Help with getting to the root of what's bothering you. Help with finding a path back to
yourself again. Help with addressing issues buried
so deep for so long that you're on the verge of
giving up.  You'll also find compassion, confidentiality,
respect, and the safety to express yourself no matter how
hard it is.

What you won't find is airy-fairy. The concepts may seem New Agey, but the practice isn't. The point is to provide you with real help you can use in your every day life that resonates with who you are.

Wendy Adair, CCHT

The Modern Exorcist

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Client Testimonials
Going deeper into these sessions, I seemed to go in expecting one thing, but finding myself dealing with another, and thank goodness for Wendy's guidance and understanding, I feel as though I’m letting go of so many heavy burdens and deep imbedded hurt. I’m learning how to bring it out in front of me and deal with it, instead of hiding it away and letting it pull me down. I’m so thankful for Wendy’'s support and guidance, and I trust her completely.  -P. California
   It has been about two months since my session, and I have noticed a huge difference in my overall well-being. I am not suffering from anxiety or anger anymore, and I feel balanced. I do not get upset, angry, or easily aggravated, and I am able to think more clearly than before. I am very happy with the outcome of my session, and I do not have any regrets. The only regret I have is I wish I would have known about this years ago, but I guess it was all in Gods timing.  -D. California
Wendy has a truly extraordinary way of both being entirely professional and at the same time making you feel secure and "at home" with her. She has not only helped me release the attachment that had plagued my life since childhood, she taught me techniques to keep more spirits from attaching themselves to me. She is an amazing
HIGHLY recommended!!!"
M., California
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